Artificial Girl 3


A sweaty naked anime woman laying on her stomach

Artificial Girl 3 (henceforth referred to AG3) is a Windows sex game. It also acts as a bit of a dating simulator, but from what I understand the 'date sim' genre is pretty big in Japan, and I'm willing to bet fans of the genre would be cross with me if I lumped this in with their games. It's a game with content that's far less morally heinous than that depicted in RapeLay, another one of Illusion's games that I've also reviewed, though it still has its moments.

The first part of this game isn't actually playing the game, but creating and then employing artificial women (thus the title). If you're the kind of person who enjoys the character creation aspects of RPGs, then you'll actually get a kick out of this aspect of the program. It's not as detailed as I'd prefer (could it ever be?), and you can only make Anime women - no men, no 'realistic' women - but it's still quite a lot of fun and strangely addicting.

AG3 character editor with nude model

You can customize a large number of things; skin tone, facial shape, eye shape/color, hair style/color, breast size, areola size, color and opacity of pubic hair... I could go on. Aside from the aesthetics, you can also assign her a personality type and numerous traits. Having a reference guide is almost a must for this section of the character creator, unless you're a wild person who like to wing it and doesn't mind ending up with a chick who hates bathing, men and sex.

Aside from altering the 'girls' themselves, you can also create fashion sets for them to wear. Any set can be assigned to any girl, so make as many as you'd like. The fashion's more limited than the character creation but it's still fun, like a perverted version of playing with barbie dolls. Uh, not that I'd ever do such a thing.

AG3 character editor with clothed model

If I had to nitpick about the character editor, and I'm afraid I must, I'd express disappointment in the lack of pubic hair options. As far as I can tell, your options are limited to 'very little' and 'none.' Come on guys. Why not include the option for bigger, fuller muff manes? Bald pussy is perfectly fine, but every now and then you want something different, something a bit more natural. And frankly, being Japanese, I would expect Illusion to have delivered in this department: Most of the times I watch Asian porn, in particular Japanese porn, the women getting railed have a fair amount of pubic hair. That's the main reason I watch it, since it seems like the only western broads with a bush are 'body hair' fetishists who never shave anything else, either.

My only realistic option when I want a vagina that's dressed for outdoor weather is Japanese porn, but then I'm forced to mute it if I don't want to listen to a soundtrack of chipmunks being stomped on. Seriously, Japanese women, cut it out with all the fucking noise when you're getting bent over, it's insufferable.

Anyway, so yeah, the character creator is pretty cool.

Once you've created and optionally dressed your artificial girl, you start up the main game and load her into your world. There are a number of icons in the bottom-left of the screen that tell you where the girls are, and they're entirely useless until you spend a lot of time in the game and can guess with sufficient accuracy which symbol belongs to which location. The goal of the game is to have sex with the girls, or at least that's my goal, and to do that you have to 'woo' them.

Wooing a girl isn't too bad, just hug her over and over until her icon turns green or red. Then bang her. It takes a little while, and it's kind of annoying, but it works. Technically, you can do other things like holding her hand and visiting new locations with her, etc., but who has time for that shit.

Protagonist sitting at the table with an artificial girl, looking bored

Another quick way to achieve sex is to wait for the girl to trip and fall, after which you can run up from behind and... rape her? I guess that's what happens. She doesn't seem to mind too much, but it seems rapey to me. Until I discovered the hugging method, I spent quite a lot of time following the girls around, waiting for them to trip on furniture and present themselves to me.

The sex scenes are, for the most part, quite improved over those offered by RapeLay. The interaction is better, the graphics are better, the physics are better (legs and buttcheeks now jiggle, for instance), and the transitions between positions and various stages of boning seem far more natural.

New gameplay elements are also introduced, in that you have to take into consideration the girl's feelings, her mood, how aroused she happens to currently be, etc.. This can also be a bad thing if you're impatient, though, and since the controls are a bit fidgety you might accidentally do something you didn't mean to do. Given the pseudo-RPG nature of this game, little screw-ups can have actual gameplay consequences.

Now, unfortunately, I don't speak Japanese. There are certain times during gameplay, specifically sex, when the girl will ask you a yes or no question. Left-click is yes, right-click is no. I just answer yes to everything and I haven't had any problems yet, except one of the questions clearly contains the word 'condom,' so obviously I answer no to that one but she gets angry and makes me wear it anyway. Fuck you! I do what I want! I'm a wild man bitch, I made you, you don't control me. Sigh. I answer no every time but it never changes.

Anyway, that notwithstanding, there doesn't seem to be a hell of a lot of depth when it comes to non-sexual interaction with the girls. You can't have conversations with them (not that I could anyway), and there don't seem to be any 'mini-games' or 'side-quests' or whatever that help or hinder your progress with the ladies. You can do a few things, like eat together, watch TV together, sleep in the same bed, etc., but these are pretty boring and just increase the rate at which she becomes romantically attached to you.

Overall, I'd say I very slightly prefer this game to RapeLay. While certain aspects of the latter are more convenient, and I enjoy the twisted nature of a game where you play a rapist, the meat and potatoes of these games come from the sex scenes, and AG3's are superior in my opinion. At least, once you manage to get to them.

Animated gif of an artificial girl being fingered

Oh, and by the way, if the game asks you what your favorite number is, try to answer something that's about your age. My favorite number's 14 (always has been, don't know why), and I guess that was the developers' way of asking how old you want your avatar to be. So now I'm running around with a weird-looking motherfucker who's supposed to be 14-ish. I don't know how to change it without reinstalling the game.