Tech Migration Links


As mentioned in the other post, while I am withdrawing from a lot of my old haunts, I'm not giving up all of my habits just yet, and certainly not all at once. I do still crave a bit of that social media dopamine, and I still enjoy idling away the hours watching people bitch about things on video.

I mostly just don't want to be involved with Silicon Valley or the excess that one falls into so easily when locked into their system. I've done a small amount of research on the subject, and have come up with a halfway-decent list of alternatives to things like Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, etc.

I haven't extensively researched all of these, but a few I do use on a regular basis. In any case, it's worth a look into probably all of these, so here are some links:

Email service providers

Time waster bullshit

Federated time waster bullshit



Video hosting

Chat / IM

Web (http) alternatives

Here are a few specific instances I visit with some frequency. I believe they're Pleroma, feel free to stop on by and check 'em out.