RapeLay title screen

RapeLay is one of the first 'real' sex games I've ever played. Oh sure, there have been a few others that flirt with the content, but nothing quite as explicit and no-bullshit as this.

RapeLay is, as you might have guessed, a game about rape. It's a bit fucked up, but I suppose I'd be a hypocrite to care about this and not murdering shopkeepers or whatever. The plot is this: You're a bad guy who stalks and rapes three women. Well, two women and one girl -- she's old enough to get pregnant, but by the look of her, only barely.

A young teenage girl looking worried

And in case you were wondering, yes, you can get them pregnant. In fact that's one of the very few ways (if not only way) you can lose the game; the 'middle' one will kill you if you impregnate her mom or sister before 'breaking' her. I don't know why she draws the line at pregnancy; personally I'd have drawn it at, say, the violent rape of my younger sister in a public bathroom, but whatever.

The protagonist - that is to say, you - continue to stalk and rape these women throughout the course of the game. I don't know what he does plot-wise that enables him to get away with this. I don't speak Japanese and I don't quite trust the translation, since the version that came with the copy I acquired seemed to be a bit wonky. It seems weird since the older daughter is apparently capable of just hulking up and murdering your ass whenever she wants.

The goal of the game, I think, is to 'break' all three of your victims. It's more work than it sounds like; each one has a number of 'achievements' that you have to unlock, and you can only unlock one per session with her. That's a minimum of nine rape sessions per victim. I've been playing the game on and off for half a year and I've still got some progress to make.

The gameplay and victim selection screen

The gameplay is pretty simple. You start the scene with your victim on the ground, primed and ready to go. Your options are presented on the right side of the screen, a series of big buttons that are conspicuously easy to click, and most present a list of choices.

The character button lets you choose which position to avail yourself of, or to bark commands at your special lady.

Protagonist verbally and sexually abusing a woman

The dress button allows you to remove articles of clothing from, or add articles of clothing to, your victim. Take off her shirt, pull down her panties, put on cat ears (?), it's all there. The camera button helps you set the camera, or more realistically, to fix it when it inevitably fucks off in whatever direction it feels like going. I don't know what the system button does, but it's probably the same thing as hitting the F2 key.

The biggest button is the 'CLICK DRAG WHEEL' button, which is your primary interaction with the sex scene. You click and hold on the button and them move the mouse in circles, which I guess is 'simulating' sex somehow or other.

You can choose to abuse any significant orifice the lady doth possess. Certain achievements require the penetration and thorough use of different holes (or all of them). As far as positions go, the butthole and vagina present to you the same options, and even mostly look the same in-game. It pretty much comes down to whether or not she farts out semen when you're done. Just like in real life, eh fellas!? There are a decent number of positions to assume regardless of which portal you decide to enter; most everything you'd expect is present.

Graphically, the game is serviceable. It's not going to blow anyone away by modern standards, but I think it came out around 2005 or 2006, so it's pretty decent by the standards of the era. The physics aren't what they could be, but the boobs jiggle so there's that. I don't know whether the official release has a model for the guy's dick, but I don't think it does since I'm pretty sure it's all censored over in Japan anyway. As such, it feels petulant to complain about this, but here I go regardless: The clipping / physics of the game can get kinda silly.

There are some positions where your guy isn't even penetrating the victim so much as just slapping her with his dick between her legs. Other positions look perfectly fine from one angle...

Animated gif of a young woman having forced sex with the protagist, cowgirl-style, viewed from the rear

...but ridiculous from others due to the clipping issues.

Animated gif of a young woman having forced sex with the protagist, cowgirl-style, viewed from the front where the player can see the protagonist's penis clipping through the female's character model

And if the clipping really bothers you, don't even interact with the younger sister because every positions results in the protagonist's dork poking through her body.

Overall, the game is pretty decent if you're a weird pervert like I am. I'm not terribly into Anime/Manga, but I guess beggars can't be choosers, and good luck finding a Japanese porn game with no Anime influences.

Incidentally, if you were reading along anticipating any sort of strong condemnation for this game to come from me, you're not going to get one. No matter how butthurt people want to get over pretend rape, it's no less fake than the pretend murder committed millions (perhaps billions) of times per day in games all across the globe, to say nothing of what occurs in books and movies.

Two wrongs don't make a right, but my contention is that they were wrongs to begin with. Remember, these are pixels on your computer screen. If you can't get over that, it's time to check yourself into the nearest mental hospital. As a person who cannot differentiate between reality and make-believe, you're a greater threat to the rest of us than any number of video games featuring the simulated rape of ones and zeroes.