Update -- Wizard Game and Other Stuff


It's been a while since I've posted anything, so I figured I might as well toss something out there. Actually, I've been wanting to update for a month or two, but since 2016 was so close to being over at the time, I just decided "fuck it, I'll skip the year" and waited a bit.

So what's been going on? Not much of interest to most of you, I'd imagine. Throughout 2015 and 2016 I worked on a few different porn games intermittently, two of which I've put on indefinite hiatus; this includes the game I spoke of in the previous update. The most recent attempt has been the longest lasting, is the smallest in scope (probably) and is actually well on its way to being completed. Unfortunately I can't post about it here for now, since I'm developing it under a pseudonym, but I'd estimate that it's probably a month from being done. Hooray for that.

More relevant to anyone reading this, perhaps, are other games that I'll be working on either during or after the aforementioned pornographic title. My brother and I will be trying our hands at professional game development, targeting both mobile and PC (Windows and Linux) platforms initially. This, I think, will eat up the majority of my time. Since no pen-names are involved with that industry, I'll post pertinent updates here when appropriate; probably when the games are finished or near-finished.

"But wait," you cry, "I don't want to spend money!" Well, first of all, stop being broke, scrub. Secondly, I think I'm also going to tinker with a third game, something text-based since I've wanted to do one of those since forever ago. Said text-mode game is going to be free and open source, as is traditional for games of its nature, and probably either a proper roguelike or a text-mode RPG that boasts a few mechanics popular in roguelikes. It's also going to involve a certain degree of wizardry and spellcraft, since I think that kinda stuff could be interesting again if you make it less rote than is predominately the case with RPGs nowadays. Maybe add a bit of a sense of fun and wonder to something that really should be fantastical, but that we've simply become bored of for one reason or another.

As mentioned, though, this is just for fun and I'll freely admit that I may fail in this task, either because it's something that's now intrinsically hard to do (can't put the cat back in the bag), or because I just suck in general. Time will tell. Updates relating to the wizard game will appear more frequently than updates of other games, I think, so check back once or twice during the course of 2017 to see if there's been any progress.

For now, adios.