Domain change and less internet this year


For reasons not worth getting into, I'm broke as shit at the moment and won't be able to afford the usual domain ( I can, however, afford for at least a year with a bit of spare BTC I had kicking around. And so, this is the year of XYZ. Enjoy.

From this point on, this update is personal shit irrelevant to the site. Skip if you're not interested.

My attention span is absolute garbage these days. Overall, my 'migration' to alt tech sites was more just... adding those to my long list of time-wasting bullshit, and my habits didn't really change the way I'd hoped. Twitter's gone but I've never been huge on them anyway.

Unsure of exactly how to address this, I've decided that a sharp reduction in social media could probably only help. I'm cutting it all out... no 4chan, no reddit, no facebook, no poast. I'm also 'quitting' youtube, though only kinda. I've still got a lot of downloaded videos that I'll be watching, but... whatever. It's an improvement.

This was all done by altering my hosts file, a custom version of a couple of the lists found here. Will it make a difference? I guess I'll find out in a few months. Wish me luck.