On this section of the site, you'll find a handful of recorded entries of dreams I've had. These were originally intended to be either private or much harder to get to, so I'm going to be editing these online versions somewhat. The majority of the actual content -- if you want to call it that -- remains untouched, but occasionally, some things just need to stay private.

Most of these dreams happened over a relatively short period of time, where for some reason I found myself dreaming very frequently. For the past several months or longer, I've had virtually no dreams at all, so don't expect too many updates here.

I should probably go ahead and warn you: If you're a person that knows me in real life, especially a woman, you may want to avoid these. It's worth remembering that I'm a sexually-frustrated nerd who engages in binge drinking frequently.

  1. Anna / Sexiness
  2. Gayness
  3. Weirdness
  4. Jada
  5. NoName
  6. Movie Time
  7. Tara
  8. Sean Connery
  9. Scared of the Law
  10. Mom Dream
  11. Liz Dream
  12. Two in One
  13. Two Again
  14. Dad and Tara
  15. Explosions and Organ Harvesting
  16. Jogging and Ambrosia
  17. Tonya Moving
  18. ESR and Fran Drescher
  19. Four Dreams
  20. Five Dreams
  21. Red Eyes
  22. Short Dreams
  23. Butthole Fingering